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Best Mens Haircuts – Like a Music Business Plan, make ‘em personalized

lorenweisman.com – tag2nd.com – Best Mens Haircuts — Like a Music Business Plan, make ‘em personalized. LW Music Consulting YouTube Video. When it comes to going some where to get the best mens haircuts, do you want to go to a stylist or a barber that does the exact same thing to everyone? Or do you want to get the style that works best for your head, your hair and your style? The concept of a music business plan template is the same as trying to ask a hairstylist to give you one of the best mens haircuts possible by doing exactly what he or she was taught in school on a fake head. After a haircut at Lords and Ladies Salon in downtown Harrisburg, I had an interesting conversation with the owner, Michael Lawler. He saw how I had had a bad cut previously. He was able to identify some cowlicks as well as some of the styles that would work best with my hair type, thickness and body. Michael’s attention to detail made me think of some recent music consulting sessions I gave where the artist said they just wanted a template music business plan. They just wanted to know what it would cost to record and market an album. They then became annoyed when I said that the question they asked had too many variables to be able to give a good answer. The point is, everyone has a different shaped head, a different type of hair, a need for some things while they might not need other things. The same goes for a music business plan. You can get ahold of a template and have the right line

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    I love that bald guy sits there´╗┐ nodding away., “what he said”

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